Quorn & Soar Valley Cribbage History



In the 1970s, in north Leicestershire, there was only one choice for local crib players who wanted to practice their skills in a league environment. That was the Loughborough and Shepshed Cribbage League. But the ethos of that League was that winning the match became the single most important objective. Having an enjoyable evening playing the very best social card game with friends just was not important at all.

Eventually, a small band of players formed a splinter group and set up a new friendly league based on playing cribbage for the sheer enjoyment of having a good night with friends. That league started as The Quorn and Woodhouse Cribbage League. Only a handful of teams played during the first season of the newly formed league but within its first five years the number of teams had swelled to over twenty. The league became so popular that it was split into two divisions with teams from most of the Soar valley villages.

With the closure of the Woodhouse army base, the league changed its name in the early 1980s to The Quorn and Soar Valley Cribbage League to reflect the popularity of the game within pubs and clubs across the length and breadth of the Soar Valley district. From Wymeswold in the north to Syston in the south, from Seagrave in the east to Rothley in the west the league had a healthy vibrancy. In some cases a pub would be fielding three teams on a Wednesday evening.

Unfortunately, playing cards as a pastime was diminishing, particularly amongst the younger generations, and cribbage was no exception. As the seasons passed so did many of the older players and the number of teams inevitably dwindled. The League is now reduced to one division of just eleven teams registering to play in the 2016 - 2017 season.