Quorn & Soar Valley Cribbage Competitions



Competition Results 2015/2016

Congratulations to the Winners
  Winner Runner-Up
League Free Trade A Red Lion

Captain's Trophy

Brian Martin
Red Lion Rovers

Ady Smith
Mountsorrel WMC B

Player of the Season

Bob Ferguson
Mountsorrel WMC B

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Team Knock-Out Soar Bridge Red Lion
Plate Knock-Out Blacksmiths A Barrow Cons
Singles Knock Hayley Hall
Sileby Cons B
Bob Wigston
Red Lion
Pairs Knock-Out Sue Grew and Colin Medhurst
Barrow Cons

Andrea Wells and Tony (Gus) Green
Free Trade B

Floor Competition Alan Wells
Free Trade B
Tracey Sutton
Mountsorrel WMC A

Thanks to everyone for joining in on the raffle and to everyone that donated prizes, and special thanks to Ady "Raffle King" Smith and his apprentice (Royce Towers) for selling them - we raised £171

A note from the Chairman

"Hello All,

"I just wish to record my thanks and admiration to you all who attended last night's Finals and Presentations at Mountsorrel Working Mens Club.

"It was a splendid night. We donated £300 to deserving causes, all those there enjoyed themselves, either playing in a Final, or the Open Competition.The buffet supper pleased everyone I spoke with and I sensed a really good and friendly atmosphere.

"Those who didn't bother coming were the losers.

"Once again, thank you all.

"Best wishes


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